An unwanted neighbor is moving into a north Houston community. Residents are worried a so-called halfway house will bring nothing but trouble to their quiet streets.

The new business is going in at 915 Lehman Street just off Shepherd.

As thunder rumbled over Houston, Monday, a dark mood hung over the quiet street where Jimmie Elie runs an assisted living facility called Advanced Quality Assisted Living.

"They're not going to get a job, they're going to break into our properties," said Elie. "[Families] entrust their loved ones, their moms and dads, to me."

Elie is worried she'll lose that trust if a supposed halfway house moves in down the block from her business.

"They're going to rob people. I'm very fearful [for] my employees who ride the bus," Elie said.

The fear started when one of Elie's neighbors asked a worker at the business moving in what it does. He was told it is a halfway house.

"I'm just really concerned that something will happen to someone... bottom line," said the neighbor who didn't want to be identified after having a conversation with the new business. "They seem to be very secretive."

Monday, two representatives at the business confirmed it's called Logan's Bridge and said it is not a halfway house.

However, the two people refused to answer any questions about the true function of the business, whether it is licensed or when it will open.

Meanwhile, neighbors said whatever the function they think it's shady and want nothing to do with it.

"There's the issue of schools nearby within a few blocks. There are property values. There's crime. There are people who don't want to be where they are with nothing really to do, living there," said Kiki Neumann, a concerned neighbor.

Elie is worried if ex-cons do end up living there, there will be no one wanting to live with her.

At the time of publication, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice could not confirm whether or not the business is registered with the state.

One neighbor said a Logan's Bridge worker told him the business is set to open August first.

Neighbors plan to meet with neighborhood leaders on Wednesday to discuss their options.