Finders Keepers: Lost cellphone equals high chance of data loss


8:44 PM EDT, March 12, 2012


Lose your smart phone, lose your privacy.  At least that`s what a study from the Symantec Corporation indicates. The security software experts intentionally lost a total of 50 smart phones in 5 cities.  These 'lost' phones were loaded with popular, but, fake apps, which were accessed 96 percent of the time the phone was found.

89 percent of the time, the inquisitive individuals also accessed personal related apps and info. You might be saying, yes, but the finder was probably just trying to determine the owner.  Maybe, but you don`t need to know a person`s bank balance to return their phone, which 50 percent of the finders tried to access.

60 percent of the prying people also tried to look at social media and emails, while 80 percent tried to access phony corporate info.  Sadly, the study found there`s a 50/50 chance the finder will try to return the lost phone.

What all these numbers add up to is that your phone should be password protected 100 percent of the time.