The Federal Emergency Management Agency is being criticized for it's response to Hurricane Ike. FEMA is said to have lied about the speed at which it could respond to the storm.

US Rep. Nick Lampson, (D) Texas says "Today we learned that instead of the food, water and such that I was told was located at Ellington Field now I'm told that it is en-route and when it gets here then it will be distributed. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me."

Michael Chertoff is President Bush's head of the Department of Homeland Security. Chertoff is charged with leading FEMA as part of his duties. Chertoff is in Houston visiting the disaster areas. He says FEMA is doing exactly what it promised.

"The original understanding was we would preposition supplies which we have done in various places around the state. Obviously not right were the hurricane hits because we would lose the supplies and then the arraignment was we would bring it to a distribution point like Reliant Stadium where the state would take the responsibility for opening up points of distribution." said Chertoff.

Houston Mayor Bill White says he's watching FEMA closely. "If they fulfill those commitments in the coming week and they fulfill them on a reasonable timetable not a bureaucratic time table then they'll get high marks and if they don't they'll get low marks."

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said it's not anyone's fault that the distribution sites are not yet open. "You have to wait until the storm is over to know which sites are accessible" he said during a Sunday afternoon news conference.

There have also been criticism about the availability of gasoline. Emergency gasoline distribution is handled by the Governor Perry's office. Mayor White's office says gasoline is being brought to stations that need it, but that it won't be delivered to stations that don't have electricity. Gas stations can't pump fuel without electricity.