Empire State shooting

Hearing emergency sirens in New York City takes our minds to one place, but New York Police say it was not an act of terrorism that left two people dead, and another 10 wounded right outside the Empire State Building Friday morning. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Jeffery Johnson is responsible for creating the chaos in the streets. 53-year old Johnson was fired from his job as a designer at Hazan Import Corp. about a year ago, which is what's believed to have been the motive for the shooting spree. Fortunately, a construction worker spotted Johnson walking from West 33rd Street, followed him, and alerted two cops standing at the building's 5th Avenue entrance. Mayor Bloomberg says, "...two officers approched Johnson, he pulled his 45-calibur semi-automatic pistol from his bag and fired on the officers, who returned fire, killing him." New York City Cop's quick reaction surely saved lives, there's no doubt things could have been much worse, but the mayor says innocent bystanders may have been shot by police who responded immediately to the threat. All those victims are expected to be okay, but as usual it's our first line of defense who saved lives.