Shoppers braved the malls Saturday in hopes of getting some great deals. It was day two of the annual tax-free weekend, where some stores are subtracting the taxes on more than just back to school items.

School teacher Terri Marrow was able to snag more than just school supplies, saving big-time on a brand new bike. "I was able to get the pedals, water cages, the water bottles and all the accessories that go with the bike without paying the taxes," Marrow said.

Sun and Ski Sports is waiving the 8% sales tax on everything in the store. "A lot of people think it's only clothes and back packs and school supplies, but then they find out they can get it on bikes, wake boards and snow sports," said General Manager Jeff Munn.

A big boost for the end of summer, Munn said, which tends to be the slow season. "We get some that come in for one item, some that get stuff for the kids and some grown parents that get stuff for themselves," Munn said.

Even though the tax-free holiday came later this year, most shoppers said it's worth waiting in order to rack up on the additional savings. "We are kind of all about the one stop - get it all done for the year," said Deanna Durden.

Durden's son Alex expects after today, he'll be more than ready to head back to class on Monday. "I found a lot of good clothes, two pairs of jeans and going over to buy some more shirts," Alex said.

He also admits, the extra savings gives him an opportunity to throw a few extra items in the basket, that aren't necessities. "I'll just remind them - hey it's tax free," he said.

The 11th annual tax free shopping weekend ends Sunday at midnight.