The US is creating jobs, in Ukraine

We're sitting on a real unemployment rate in this country of somewhere around 15%, but you can't say the federal government isn't doing its part to create some local jobs…in the Ukraine!

Yes, it’s a story that’s been downplayed, but a loan of tax-payer dollars has been made to John Hyansky, who operates car dealerships in Pennsylvania and Biden’s home state of Delaware. A longtime friend of Joe Biden and contributor to both Biden’s and Obama’s campaigns.

In the paperwork for the loan  under 'U.S. Economic Impact,' the summary document says, 'this project will have a positive developmental impact on the host country, Ukraine. The project will generate a significant number of new local jobs, sales, mechanics, accountants, communications and advertising specialists, it specialists, service personnel, the whole nine! 

When I heard this I said ok, they must be selling Chevy’s or Ford's...hell something American right?!  Well actually no.

According to the "public summary document", the loan, from the federal government’s overseas private investment corporation, is for 'up to $20.0 million,' and is designed to 'expand winner import Ukraine’s automobile business, and construct and operate `winner autocity,` which will have two new, state-of-the-art dealership facilities for Porsche and Land Rover/Jaguar automobiles.' 

So if you're like me, you're a little confused huh? 

Biden and Obama using tax payer money to grease a donor and outsource more jobs from the U.S. in Texas, we call that bull corn!