Reach out and touch us

What's up?! Today I want to talk to you, if you're someone who watches NewsFix regularly, but never ever would think of sending an e-mail to us or participate in any kind of contest to win something.  Which, believe it or not is likely the majority of you. We have our super fans, you know, our regulars, who we love and couldn't live without! 

When I was in the radio business we referred to them as "P-1's", a term that came from the Arbitron rating service I think. Very active fans who Facebook us on our NewsFix Houston page and use Twitter to message us, but even if it’s only a one time contact, I’d like to meet you. The viewer at the NewsFix party who's just kind of hanging in the dimly lit corner watching the show, but maybe is too shy or could care less about getting out on the dance floor to rock out with everyone else.

Send a message; tell me something about yourself, maybe what you do for a living, what you like or what you don't like about our show. Most people have access to e-mail so email me at No agenda, really, actually, it's an idea that came to me one night when I was on my couch watching TV - because I’m kinda like you. Prefer to stay private and be a bystander or a voyeur, so I know you're are out there. This is my way of reaching out.  I know it’s asking a lot to get you do this!!!  But it's only one e-mail, I’m curious to know who you are.