David Adickes has created a lot in his Houston studio. More than 40 presidential busts, more than 10 feet tall, sit in the parking lot. He just finished another "Obama" but now Adickes recently started a new project.

"It's important to me; I like Charlie," Adickes said.

He's talking about former Texas congressman Charlie Wilson. The same congressman Tom Hanks portrayed in the recent movie "Charlie Wilson's War". The true story of how Wilson helped create and fund a secret CIA war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

That was Charlie Wilson's War, now Adickes is making Charlie Wilson's Bust.

Adickes had wanted to do this for years. He's known Wilson since 1994. When the bust is finished it will stand at the Charlie Wilson Veterans Affairs Building, in Lufkin.

It will stand about 3-feet-tall when complete.

Adickes is paying for the project. It's one of the few times he has ever turned a lump of clay into a person he actually knows. He never could meet most of the presidents but, he knows Wilson, and soon the man that spearheaded a war, will get a "head" as a thank you.