Sex and Problems

It's amazing how the chemicals in your brain, especially the ones running the pleasure center can really screw up your life and especially the ones that control your sex drive! 

They make people do crazy, perverted things. Everyone has their own thing that for reasons sometimes too psychologically complicated to understand, makes a person act out. Look at the two prominent university coaches Jerry Sandusky and Syracuse’s Bernie Fine. Both very successful, now, lives ruined over sexually deviant behavior with boys. Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi basically run out of office, reputation in ruins because of bunga-bunga sex parties and sex with 17-year-old ruby the heart stealer! Sex in the White House, the Kennedys, Bill Clinton.

It’s not the White House, but the dog house for GOP candidate Herman Cain. Four accusations of sexual harassment and now Ginger White comes forward and says she and Cain allegedly engaged in a 13-year affair!  Wild, how people unnecessarily complicate their lives and risk it all for 20 seconds of pleasure like drug addicts!  What happened to self-control!

That’s what separates us from the animals. Intelligent, rational thinking and not surrendering just because it feels good. I read: "Money, sex and power are the three-legged stool of modern culture. They are areas of human experience littered with land mines, quicksand and deep dark caverns of shame, fear and regret." 

Wow!! Remind me not to listen to the chemicals ever again!