Here at NewsFix we love it when you give us feedback on the show. To be clear, negative feedback or telling us what you didn't like is ok!  Week to week, we report hundreds of stories and we don't expect you to agree with all of them, but when you do disagree, please do it in an intelligent manner minus profanity. It helps the person reading it take you seriously and also prevents offending any underage eyes that might be on our Facebook page who could read an ignorant rant from someone who doesn't have a large enough vocabulary to accurately express themselves therefore relying on cuss words for emphasis.

Speaking of feedback, you said you wanted more sports so tonight we welcome Charlie Pallilo from SportsTalk 790 and the debut of Day in Sports! You can watch it on NewsFix Wednesday and Fridays at 5PM and 9PM from now on. Charlie as you probably know from listening to him on the radio is a sports genius. He's like a human sports encyclopedia! Charlie and I also have something in common! We both graduated from Syracuse University! Although I think Charlie maybe had a little better GPA, you know that whole Rhodes Scholar candidate thing. Yeah, but I wonder if he has a cap signed by basketball coach Jim Bayheim!

 Top that Charlie!