Can't Cut This

When the guys of 'jackass' give impromptu haircuts it`s freakin` hilarious!

When Amish people start giving out free-cuts, it`s anything but funny.

12 people from an Amish community in east Ohio now face hate crime charges!

That`s right.  A serious federal offense, for allegedly turning on their own people!

According to police, there was quite the feud brewing between several families in the usually quiet, secluded community.

Police say this is the ring leader of the group, Samuel Mullet.

Wait, Mullet????

Mullet is accused of convincing his relatives to cut off the men's beards, and shorten the women`s hair.

The length of a person`s hair is extremely important to the Amish. Once a man is married, he`s never supposed to shave his beard again! 

While they await trial, the clipper happy Amish are experiencing many things for the first time.