Bonnie and Clyde's guns go on the auction block

Before there was the Vin Diesel style of Fast & Furious, 1-6; and before Eric Holder’s fatal version of Fast and Furious, the straw man edition, there was the fast and furious life of the outlaws Parker and Barrow. You know them as Bonnie and Clyde.

The notorious lovebird bandits died in a hail of lawman lead about 80 years ago just outside Gibsland, Louisiana.

This weekend RR Auction put up for bid its gangster collection centered on the guns and gore of Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie’s colt .38 snub-nose sold for $264,000. It was strapped to her thigh when she died. And Clyde’s Colt .45 went for $240,000. His pocket watch fetched $36,000.

Some other items scooped out of the death car included a silk stocking, an unspent bullet, and an empty Bayer Aspirin tin that sold for $11,400.

And who says crime doesn’t pay.  Seems like someone’s always going to make a buck off of ill-gotten gain.