In Northwest Houston, a plan is in the works to clean up and revitalize neighborhoods along the Antoine Corridor. First, the City of Houston needs to demolish three troublesome apartment complexes, but one appears to be standing in the way of that effort.

"Lord, have mercy. What are we going to do?" prayed Sophia Jones.

On a day-to-day basis, Jones doesn't know where she will be living.

"It's depressing," she said

Jones lives at the Candlewood Glen apartments. The City of Houston's Public Works Department has cited the complex for several code violations.

Property owner Tuam Nguyen says he is making the necessary repairs despite the City's attempts to shutdown and board up the 24 units he owns.

Last week, State Representative Sylvester Turner sent letters to residents urging them to move. The city and Turner are working to help tenants move to a safer and cleaner location.

"Long term that's what we're seeking to do to revitalize the Antoine Corrridor," said City Attorney David Feldman.

Feldman believes in order to do this the City must first tear down to build up the urban renewal project.