In the dead of winter... it's Spring Awakening. It's a rock musical which takes place in 1890s Germany. It focuses on teenagers as they navigate their way through adolescence. The subjects of sex and suicide take center stage, but it's the music that steals the spotlight. Spring Awakening runs through Sunday at the Hobby Center.

This weekend it's your last chance to hit the ice. The rink at Discovery Green, that sits over Kinder Lake, will close Monday.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day, but celebrations start Saturday. The MLK youth day parade hits the streets in downtown Houston, Saturday afternoon. Look for the Channel 39 float in the lineup. Saturday evening it's the battle of the bands at Delmar Stadium. The MLK celebrations resume Monday morning at 10 with the Black Heritage Society's MLK parade, also in downtown Houston. 39 News will ride again. We hope to see you there!

In the movies it's all about music and a man who was Notorious. Fox Searchlight Pictures presents the story of Chris Wallace, known to music fans as rapper Notorious B.I.G. Perhaps there's no bigger fan than the young man who plays him, Jamal Woolard, a relatively unknown rapper. Notorious is rated R and opens in theatres Friday.