Susan Harris never imagined she'd have her own home, pointing out "It's very intimidating." The 31-year old single, school teacher didn't know exactly what it would cost.  She didn't understand the process and she was scared to get started.  Then when she did, it a bad experience. Harris says, "They didn't know my income, they didn't know really why I was looking for a house, they just didn't know me."   Harris waited a year before finding realtor Jeanie Douthitt and the program she developed called "Smart Women Buy Homes." It aims to eliminate the fear, taking clients through the home buying process and beyond.  It’s doesn’t just educate women but builds trust. Jeanie Douthitt says, "I take them through the process and hold their hand. There is never a dumb question. They can ask me a question 15 times. I don't care."   Douthitt says about 35% of her business is single women and they make up the second-largest home buying demographic.  It's a sector so important, she says Coldwell Banker is now offering her program nationwide. Douthitt says, “It's the biggest investment.  And it's the American Dream of all people, not just single women."      For Susan Harris, the long hard search ended happily.  She has a place of her own and pride. Susan Harris says, “I feel blessed. I look around and think, ‘Wow, I did this by myself.’ “