Hottest Twitter Topics of 2009!
The top trending topics give a good understanding of what was happening around the world, and what people were thinking about this year.

The top Twitter topic of 2009 is the Iran election. The microblogging web site was a major tool of communication for protestors after the June 12 election, as the Iranian government imposed restrictions on the media.

Twitter users also seemed concerned about the H1N1 virus, Swine Flu came in second and 6th in tweets about news events.

The most talked-about person was Michael Jackson, followed by YouTube sensation Susan Boyle. Also on the list are Adam Lambert, Chris Brown, andTiger Woods.

Movies are always a big talker on Twitter. This year's most popular ones includes Slumdog Millionaire, Paranormal Activity, and District 9. And most movie tweets were not about New Moon, but Harry Potter.

And finally, a short look at some technology trends. Most popular was Google Wave. The launch of Windows 7 was a big deal as well, and Google Latitude, Snow Leopard, and Tweetdeck were hot topics too.

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