Prestonwood Christian Academy fans chanted Cody's name as his Lion basketball team took the floor. He's a senior at the school and can't play because he was recently diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer. It's so rare, he says he calls it "Cody's Cancer." Even though he can't suit-up, his teammates make thier own Cody Novak uniform, actually just a tee shirt with his name and number on it.

"You know its a blessing, a blessing from God knowing that I am loved and knowing that I have a community that cares about me and wants the best for me. "

Cody's coach, Brad Freeman, says the team has never been closer.

"We want to pull together and win one for him and win one for our school, but there is no question that he is a big part of that and we want to do it for him as well."

It's been a tough time for Cody and his mother Kristi. Three years ago his dad died of a heart attack, and now, Cody is fighting cancer. His mother says faith is the family key.

"I'll tell you another thing." Kristi says. "It's the legacy that is daddy has left us, same type of personality, a twinkle in his eye, lots of optimism."

Even on the bench Cody exudes optimism. His teammates feel it and friends in the stands feel it also.

"Cody is going through a hard time right now in his life, he is going through a rough time, but it's good to see his attitude is really strong and he's looking towards God for his strength."

Cody says not being able to play is bittersweet. It's just a game, but off the court, he's in the fight of his life.

"I have not cried one bit fo rthe cancer, but you know I am crying over the overwhelming support that I've had from my coaches, my players, just my friends. It's just a blessing from God how many people love me and care about me."

Cody says the cancer has spread to his lungs. He's currently undergoing chemotherapy, but he says his doctors are as optimistic as he is.

His Prestonwood team won the game and will play in the state championship game Saturday.