This weekend there are plenty of fun films to catch. From Meatballs falling from the sky, to love where you least expect it, expect to laugh a lit and leave the theater smiling.

First up is the good for the family flick, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. Flint Lockwood, voiced by SNL's Bill Hader, is the zaney young inventor who dreams of turning water into food. Inspired by the popular children's book, Flint thinks he's come up with the solution to world hunger, and before he knows it, huge amounts of hamburgers and food falls from the sky and ice cream covers the streets. Anna Faris plays Sam Sparks, and Bruce Campbell play Mayor Shelbourne in the rated G movie.

Next is the good for the date movie, Love Happens. Jennifer Aniston and Eric Eckhart star in the romantic comedy about finding love where you least expect it. Dr. Burke Ryan is at the top of his career as a famous self help therapist who inspires his patients to confront their pain. He problem is, he doesn't practice what he preaches. But then he meets Eloise Chandler, who has sworn off men and poured all her energy into her budding floral business. Will he convince her to take a chance at love, putting them both in a vulnerable position to accept love? Love Happens is Rated PG 13.

And finally the movie to wait for the DVD, Jennifer's Story. This dark comedy slash horror film stars the stunning Megan Fox who plays Jennifer Check, the sexy high school cheerleader who all the girls want to befriend and all the guys want to romance. During the satanic ritual that goes wrong, Jennifer becomes possessed by a demon who starts killing boys in school. Written by Diablo Cody, expect some humor weaved into this frightening flick that's Rated R.