What a show today, it's St. Patty's Day!

Get out your Guinness! On the RC Project Today we had Feargal McKinney and Riley Paz from the Old Monk, they showed us how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. Riley won the Guinness pouring competition over the weekend! Congrats! They brought in two kegs of beer, a Harp's and, of course, Guinness and they demonstrated and we enjoyed!

We had goodies from Central Market, all sorts of unique, Irish cheeses, including one cheddar that was infused with Guinness. Other goodies were Irish soda bread (which is surprisingly sweet!) and the sweetest treat... Irish chocolate cupcakes from Sprinkles!!!

The specialty flavor will be available until March 21st and the Preston store.

My idea of celebrating is a pint of beer, some tasty cheese and a cupcake, but if you want to go out, here's a list of some parties where you can get in on the St. Patty's festivities:



• OPEN: 11:30am-2am • KITCHEN OPEN: 11:30AM-10PM. Full menu including corned beef and cabbage, fish & chips and shepherds pie. • LIVE MUSIC: The Killdares on the tent stage at 7pm. • IRISH DANCERS: 6pm • BAGPIPER: In Uptown 5pm-7pm • COVER: $5 after 4pm • PARKING: For lunch time, there will be valet available behind the Idle on Boll Street or you can self park for $5 at the southeast corner of McKinney and Routh. After 5pm, valet for Idle, Renfield's or Blackfriar is available at the red brick building just south of the Idle, the strip centre just north of Blackfriar or at Renfield's. The self park option at Routh and McKinney is available all day.

THE OLD MONK • OPEN: 11:30am-2am • KITCHEN OPEN: 11:30am-10pm. Full menu plus shepherds pie and corned beef & cabbage. • IRISH DANCERS: 4pm • LIVE MUSIC: 5pm Homespun Remedies and 9pm RTB2 • BAGPIPER: 7pm • COVER: NONE

BLACKFRIAR PUB • OPEN: 3pm-2am • KITCHEN OPEN: 3pm-10pm. Full menu plus shepherds pie and corned beef and cabbage. • LIVE MUSIC: 4pm RTB2 • BAGPIPER: in Uptown 5pm-7pm • COVER CHARGE: $3 after 4pm • PARKING: Same as Idle


Our newest pub, just open a week, is walking distance from the Idle and Blackfriar. Renfield's is open 3pm-2am and will probably be the easiest pull in for valet parking.