Wedding Cakes!
You can't have a wedding without the CAKE! It's the sweetest part of the entire wedding, and is one of the longest wedding traditions to date. But the 'wedding cake' has transformed from a delectable treat to a focal point, statement piece, and eye popping piece of art. Even the cake itself gets substituted on the occasion for cupcakes, and even dessert bars.

Beth Hutson with Sublime Bakery in Fort Worth talked about the latest trends of the season and how brides are going away from the traditional white cakes to cakes that are more personal to the bride and groom. The groom cake has always been the cake to take risks on, have fun with, but now the bride's cake is getting in on the action. They are requesting more often than not, cakes shaped like their dogs, edible printed pictures, their favorite car, or even a 'special' scene that describes how the couple met. Personal is 'IN," Traditional is "OUT."

Bright colors are also making their presence known. Bright flowers, lime green icing, and eye-catching designs are the theme of this season. As time goes our culture is getting less formal and more casual, more fun, and the modern bride is just another representation of that theme. The cake is a way to jazz up the reception and add a little fun to the environment.

The traditional bride may still want the white cakes with white flowers however they are adding the "bling." Instead, if your usual cake toppers, they will have a rhinestone studded monogram put on top. Bakers are seeing more and more requests for sparkle, shine, and glamour.

So, whether you're a traditional bride or a modern bride it looks like all brides are becoming a little more risky.