Tribe Called Quest is a legendary hip hop group that mysteriously split up, and a new documentary, 'Beats, Rhymes and Life,' directed by Michael Rappaport tells their story. North Texas local Niraj Bhatia is an Executive Producer, and we met him at the Angelika Theater to find out his story.

Roni: How did you break into the industry? Niraj: I went to USC. I started acting in a few films and that sparked my interest in film

Roni: What is this movie, this new documentary about Tribe Called Quest? Niraj: It chronicles their journey, how they formed, their history and where they're going. Rappaport saw their show in LA once and was really interested in why they broke up and if they were going to make another album or not.

Roni: What do you love about Tribe? Niraj: What they stand for, the be honest, they're not like a lot of other hip hop artists, they don't boast or brag as much, they rhyme about things that are true to them, true to life positivity, things we can all kind of relate to

Roni: What's your favorite Tribe Called Quest song? Niraj: Excursions

Roni: What are some of the musicians you're listening to right now? Niraj: A lot of hip hop, Jay Z, Kanye West, alot of rock, MGMT, BOB

Roni: Where do you draw inspiration and how do you make yourself continually better? Niraj: I watch a lot of film, whether it's American film or Indian film

'Beats Rhymes and Life, The travels of a Tribe Called Quest opened August 29th.