Controversy Surrounds Perry's Executive Order for HPV Vaccine
GovernorRick Perry came under fire for a 2007 Executive Order he issued to have preteens vaccinated for HPV.

Wednesday morning, Perry met with more than 8,000 students at Virginia's Liberty University, the world's largest Christian university.

Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., publically forgave Perry for his effort to require girls entering middle school to have the Guarasil shot -- an issue that has been in the political forefront since Monday night's Republican Debate.

Although Perry's executive order was overturned just three months after it was issued, the controversy surrounding it lives on.

Political opponents attacked Perry Monday for trying to force an "unnecessary vaccine on preteen girls.

Representative Michele Bachmann even accused Perry of pushing the policy for campaign dollars from Guarasil's distributor.

At the debate, Perry said issuing the executive order without the legislature's approval was a mistake on his part.

Political Analyst Cal Jillson said the issue is a major set-back in Perry's aggressive presidential race.

"This is a very serious issue," Jillson said, "because it's big government run amuck, trampling on family values. Parents should be making these kinds of decisions. And, it puts the governor in a difficult position because on most issues, that's where he is -- family rights, fighting for life, small government."

Jillson said Perry will likely be questioned about his controversial social security and immigration policies as presidential debates continue.