Nicole & Geno
Hi I'm Nicole Oliver and my future husband's name is Geno Young. Geno and I truly have a beautiful love story that we can't wait to share with future generations of Youngs.

We have been friends for about 9 years. We met on a cruise and remained casual email friends for years. Geno was traveling the world as a musician and we lost touch for many years.

Last year we ran into each other at a show and were both overjoyed to reconnect with our long lost friend. We began brief Twitter contact, text and phone conversations then moved to hanging out on the weekends together. We were truly buddies- we did things like visit Farmers Market together but completely platonic never with any conversation about dating.

Hanging out on weekends progressed to dinner after work during the week. Before you knew it we were spending most of our free time together- still JUST FRIENDS but truly developing into BEST FRIENDS.

Last spring Geno finally told me all of the feelings that he had for me basically since our initial meeting and I knew that this man, my best friend, was the one that God had kept JUST FOR ME!! (we're both 36 never married, no kids but both always wanted to be) I'm tearing up now thinking about how much Geno has loved me, cared for me and provided for me- I couldn't ask for more in a mate.

The beautiful thing is this... Geno truly COURTED me! Who can say that in this day and age???

We've been discussing marriage since the summer, we've looked at rings, picked out rings and briefly discussed a spring wedding. Well now our joy has been doubled because we are  expecting our first child May 30, 2011!!

Of course the focus has switched to preparing for the baby's arrival. We are both conscious to remind one another that the marriage is essential and important to us both because we don't want the thought to get lost with all the baby focus but financially we can really only focus on one at a time.

Geno has very traditional values and I know that he wants more than anything for me to have that engagement ring on my finger as he proudly calls me his "fiancee" and ultimately "wife".

My perfect proposal?? Anything that Geno puts his heart and mind towards... I know that it will be beautiful, heartfelt, a moment to be truly cherished. It doesn't hurt that Geno is a musician and writer so he's very creative and romantic!

Neither of us desire a huge production of a wedding. We just want something spiritual and intimate to share our connection with our families.

Winning this contest would answer so many prayers and be such a blessing to our new little family!

Thank you for taking the time to read.