The discovery of a 12-year-old stripper at a Dallas strip club last year exposed the naked truth. Some dirty business was taking place in some of those clubs. New legislation is aimed at changing that.

Several strip clubs in Dallas offer all nude entertainment. You can also bring your own booze, but are these also havens for drugs, prostitution and illegal alcohol sales? A manager at the new XTC club on Stemmons Freeway says his club follows the law.

That's what they say at Pandora's on Harry Hines as well. Pandora's manager Brandon Crosby also says, " I do think there is a little big more need for enforcement. There are places that kinda slide under the rug as far as what they get away with."

Maybe the most glaring example of that was the 12-year-old stripper who was discovered dancing at Diamonds Cabaret last year. " Some of my constituents that contacted me were incensed about the activity of this one place," said State Representative Jim Jackson of Carrollton. Jackson wanted to revoke the club's liquor license. However, the club didn't have one because it didn't sell alcohol. TABC agents don't even have the authority to inspect so-called BYOB clubs.

Jackson said, "I know that somebody, in this case the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, should have the authority to go in and look and investigate and look and control and license."

Jackson is now sponsoring three bills in the Texas House of Representatives. One establishes a state license for BYOB clubs, another increases the penalty for the harmful employment of a child, and a third allows state agents to close a BYOB if it's a public nuisance.

All these clubs have dance hall permits from the city, so the Dallas Police Department's Vice Squad checks up on them. However, police say there are so many of these clubs they could use some help. A city councilwoman agrees. Linda Koop said, " We've run into this dance hall thing before. It's difficult to regulate them. We do the best that we can in the city, but we need some extra help from the legislature and I think personally it's great."

If Representative Jackson's bills pass, they would not affect restaurants that are BYOB.