More Texans Traveling This Holiday
The busiest day of holiday travel is usually the day before Christmas Eve.

On Friday, Richard Stell filled up his truck before driving to spend Christmas with his family in Wichita Falls.

"It's about two and a half hours, 120 miles," Stell said.

Stell was happy to see prices at the pump down 4 cents from just a week ago.

"During the holidays, it`s nice for the prices to be down, so people can get around easier," he said.

AAA reports 6.9 million Texans will be driving over the holidays -- up 3 percent from last year, when it had cost drivers more to fill up their tank.

Clarice Maxwell said, "It used to cost me $75 or more. Now, I can do it for about $50 to $60. I do a little bit more driving now that it`s lower."

The average gas price in Dallas Friday was $2.99 -- a shocker to Bryan Henry who drove 12 hours from Illinois to see family in DFW.

"Gas in Springfield was 3 dollars and 38 cents went I left," Henry said. "All I know is I'm happy it`s cheaper this way, coming South. So, that's good."

While lower gas prices are pushing more to drive this holiday, it's just the opposite for flying.

Christopher and Laura Sanchez booked their flight to Colorado two months in advance.

"We always spend Christmas in Vail," Mr. Sanchez said. "Vail's popular, so you got get on it before everyone else does."

The average price for a roundtrip ticket this holiday is $455 -- 10 percent higher than last year.

Mrs. Sanchez said, "It seems like you have to do a lot more hunting on some of the more discount sites to get good rates."

DFW Airport is seeing 3 percent fewer holiday travelers this year. But, because carriers have been decreases the number of flights to cut costs, passengers can expect planes to be full.

Mr. Sanchez said, "American did cut flights to Vail from six to four a day, so there was some worry there."

With the holiday traffic and limited parking due to construction, DFW Airport officials are advising travelers to arrive 90 minutes before their flight.