Lisa & Michael
Every love story has a great beginning. This is ours. When I least expected it, my soul mate walked into my life ….
Michael and I met online at  We both had been in long term relationships in the past but nothing that was felt just right.  I actually was the one who “winked” at Michael. I thought he was an interesting guy and just thought he was a cutie!  To my surprise he was interested also.  He asked me out on a cold night on February 12th, 2009. We had a great time.  If was the first “match” that I felt actually working!  We went to dinner, out for drinks, and he walked me back to my car which was the opposite direction as his apartment (such chivalry!)   I didn’t know this at the time, but Michael later explained he was going to give up on until he saw me; he said he was going to give it one last try because he was intrigued with me.  I am so glad he did!!
The next day he asked me out again….Valentine’s Day!!!  It’s was a perfect night, roses, dinner, wine, and our first kiss.  I remember texting my best friend after our date and telling her how I felt he was the one!  Michael and I dated for the next 8 months before he decided to move in November, 2009.  Everything seemed to be falling into place and we were truly happy.  I finally felt I found that man I was supposed to marry, the man who truly knew me, and knew how to make me smile each and every day.
Of course over time we had talked about getting married, our future, and what it would be like.  On December 29, 2010, he completely surprised when he popped the question!!  He created a video montage of him and me to the Song “One Woman” by Randy Rogers Band.  From the first second on the video, I was gushing tears.  It was so romantic, and just perfect! I couldn’t have wished for anything more!  At the end of the video, I read the words….Will you marry me???  My response was “No way!”  Haha, of course not what I wouldn’t have imagined the words out of my mouth were going to be, but I was truly shocked he was able to hide all of his planning over the previous two months.  We went out that night, celebrated and called all our friends and family!!  I was on top of the world.  Of course, we had no plan to get married anytime soon, we wanted a long engagement, and get married sometime in 2012.
On Jan 2nd, I received a phone call from my brother relaying the bad news of my uncle having Lou Gehrig disease.  My heart dropped.  Considering my father isn’t in the picture, he was the man I wanted to walk me down the aisle.  So, I talked with Michael and I told him that it would mean the world if we could move the wedding up. He agreed!  So we have been busy planning our wedding somehow and some way!!  I just really want my uncle there with all the family and have the special time to celebrate all of us together! THAT would be my true love story….