Katy & Alex
Alex and I met four years ago in February 2007 on “Match.com”. Although the first date we went on started out as only a lunch date it turned into a twelve hour date.

We just instantly connected and had so much fun together!  It wasn’t too long into our relationship that we realized we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! But we really didn’t want to rush into anything so we have been trying to take it slow, and just enjoy each other’s company.

We officially got engaged May of 2010! Alex had previously told me that we would probably get engaged sometime in 2010, but gave no other clues besides the year.  Alex did an awesome job of keeping it a secret!!  By the time it actually happened I was gettin

g very anxious thinking it might happen with every special occasion that came my way.  Alex knew this and was trying to think of something that would surprise me! He is so sweet and romantic!

I had planned a small getaway for his birthday which consisted of us to going to Rockwall, staying at the Harbor, and taking a cruise around the lake. Well without me knowing he contacted the Captain of the sail boat, and they conspired together to set up the perfect proposal. So we get on the sail boat for our sunset cruise and the whole time I’m thinking this is my gift to him for his birthday!

We had packed a picnic basket with wine and cheese for our ride! The view from the boat was gorgeous! The sun had just starting to set when we had decided we would go up to the front of the boat and take some pictures. The Captain comes up to us and says I will take your picture for you! The next thing I know Alex is down on one knee pulling a ring box out of his sock band and is asking me to marry him!! 

I was so excited and a little in shock!! Of course I said yes!! Everyone on the boat started clapping and cheering!  The captain even had a banner made for us that said”Will you Marry Me?”! Not every girl gets proposed to just as the sun is setting over the water!

I never imagined being proposed to that way! What made it even more memorable for us is that the Captain photographed the whole event!

So few of my friends have pictures of their actual proposal and I feel so fortunate to have this very special memory captured in photos. All in all I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect surprise and romantic proposal!!