It's Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Just when we gone done overeating during the holidays, we get hit with another food indulgence.  

“You know the new year has hit when you start to see Girl Scouts in the neighborhood,” said Colleen Walker, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas CEO.

And it’s nearly impossible to say no to a Girl Scout.  That sweet and innocent selling technique really pays off. 

“Everyone bought cookiesthat I asked,” said Allynn Terry. 

Last year, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas sold 3.4 million boxes of cookies

“The most I’ve sold to one person is 64 boxes of Thin Mints,” said Barrett Cole.

The mint-flavored chocolate wafer is the most popular, representing 25% of all sales. 

“When you see them, you start craving the cookies and you want them right away,” said Cole. 

“They are only available once a year, and they are absolutely delicious,” added Walker. 

All the money raised, which stays local, helps pay for uniforms, sends girls to camp and funds service projects. 

“From A to Z, it really underwrites everything that girls do,” said Walker. 

Plus they learn money management and personal skills.  Keyana Davis said she used to be very shy, but now has no problem talking to people.