Googlechondria! Is it the Cold or Flu question answered

Flu season is here--and it's always one of the most Googled health conditions--and for good reason.

According to the CDC--the flu kills between 3,000 and 49,000 people every year--those are scary numbers.

Dr. Hania Alaidroos of Arbor Green Family Practice in Dallas, TX said the flu is common and commonly wrongly self-diagnosed.

"People come in all the time with just the common cold thinking they have the flu.”

People search the flu because the symptoms are so common--as in the common cold or a sinus infection but here's your first clue it's the flu.

Dr. Alaidroos said the flu comes on hard and fast.

"The usual presentation is it will come on suddenly so you would have been fine before but the day of the flu suddenly you are sick, suddenly you have a fever, suddenly you have coughing, congestion, runny nose,” Dr. Alaidroos said. “You just feel beat down."

Doctors test for the flu by swabbing your nose or throat--remember those scary numbers about how many people the flu kills every year? Chances are even if you have the flu you're going to be just fine--in about a week.

"In my clinical practice and I have a pretty big practice,” Dr. Alaidroos said. “We, thank goodness have never even had to hospitalize anybody or even send then to the ER."

That's not to say the flu shouldn't be taken seriously--the young, the old and people with underlying health issues are at the greatest risk.

So there, one less health issue for you to Google.

And remember:

"Many young, healthy adults can power through the flu and be fine completely," Dr. Alaidroos said.