Texas lawmakers are now going into a special session. A lot of that has to do with Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat from Fort Worth. Late Sunday night, she used her filibuster power to keep the senate from voting a bill to balance the state's budget.

Davis talked past midnight; the deadline for getting the vote done.

Republican lawmakers were not happy with the move by Davis.

Republican Senator Florence Shapiro of Plano said, "I thought it was silly. I think that we've been debating and arguing about this for a long time."

What put the two sides at odds was four-billion dollars in cuts to education funding. The house passed the measure Saturday. But Davis caused it to falter in the senate. On Monday she and other democrats pushed back against the governor and other republicans saying the cuts hurt larger urban districts the most.

"Well that's not acceptable and the people who are standing here with me today believe that is not acceptable and someone has to stand with our Texas families and say we expect better of the Texas legislature", Davis said.

Davis is also getting support in North Texas from the Dallas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.

"There's money available. They've chosen not to tap into it and now they're not even going to fund what their obligation is for the new kids coming into the districts all across Texas", said Alliance AFT President Rena Honea.

Now that the governor has called a special session, Honea expects the process to go through the summer.

 "The state has an obligation to fund public education. It is state law and they're shirking their responsibility", she said.