Study: Facebook profile is good predictor of how well you'll perform on the job

We usually use Facebook to document our personal lives, but a new study says our profiles may reveal how successful we’ll be at work.

Researchers at Northern Illinois University, the University of Evansville and Auburn University had a university professor and two students grade Facebook profiles of 56 employed college students. After spending about 10 minutes looking over each profile – including photos, posts, comments, education and hobbies – they rated each individual on things like "dependability" and "emotional stability."

They tended to give better grades to Facebookers who traveled, had more friends and had diverse hobbies and interests. Interestingly enough, students with party pictures weren't docked. Instead, they were usually perceived as extroverted and friendly.

Six months later, researchers took the data they compiled and compared it to evaluations by the students' supervisors. What do you know? They matched up pretty well. As the Wall Street Journal reports, "They found a strong correlation between job performance and the Facebook scores for traits such as conscientiousness, agreeability and intellectual curiosity."

The takeaway? This is just one more reason employers will be browsing our social media profiles. So keep them clean, but honest.