Drug Related Arrests For The Major Metroplex Universities
CW 33 took an in-depth look at the latest crime statistics for the five major universities in the Metroplex: UT Dallas, Southern Methodist University, University of North Texas, UT Arlington and Texas Christian University. 

All five universities have strong anti-drug policies and the police for each campus have had to enforce those policies.

CW 33 News specifically looked at drug related arrests between 2008-2010.

According to the statistics, UT Dallas had the highest rate of drug related arrests over the last three years, with one arrest for every 416 students enrolled.  However, UT Dallas had a significant drop in arrests from 85 in 2008 to 22 arrests in 2010.

SMU came in second with one drug related arrest for every 439 students.

Police at UNT dealt with one arrest for every 440 students.  However, statistics showed UNT had an increase in drug related arrests from 58 in 2008 to 125 arrests in 2010.

UT Arlington had one arrest for every 1,415 students.

TCU has one drug related arrest for every 5,949 students.

The numbers did not differentiate between students and non-students arrested on campus or on public property in and around the university.

UT Dallas
Enrollment: 18,972
2010: 22
2009: 30
2008: 85
3 Year Average: 45.6 1 arrest for every 416 students or .24%

Enrollment: 10,982
2010: 29
2009: 26