Does it Work? - Ice Cream Ball

Play your way to delicious ice cream!  That’s the claim of the Ice Cream Ball.

Christy Tuggle didn’t have much trouble rounding up four kids to play then eat ice cream. 

The ball has two openings - one for ice, the other for the ingredients.  Speaking of ingredients, we decided to keep things simple – sugar, vanilla extract and heavy whipping cream. 

We filled one opening with as much ice as possible, then added some ice cream salt.

For the other side - a pint of cream, one ½ teaspoons of vanilla extract, 1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons of sugar - just three ingredients for what we hope is yummy ice cream.

While we were preparing the ball, dad was blowing up the protective cover.  

Unfortunately, the cover had a small hole and was defective.  But we were able to mend it on our own.  

Our ice cream ball looked  like something from outer space, but the kids didn’t mind as they ran outside
to play and make ice cream at the same time.

Our quartet got so involved in having fun in the pool, they forgot they were making dessert; although they did have to be reminded a few times to shake the ball because that’s how the ice cream gets made.

After about 25 minutes, the kids dried off and we checked out our creation.

“It’s still a little liquidy,” said Tuggle. 

The instructions say the outside temperature could be a factor and I think this was the case.  It’s July in Texas.  

We added more ice and stayed indoors to finish.

They were a little tired but it was worth the wait.

“Look at that!  Oooohhhh!” said the kids. 

As for taste – “That is so good.  That is awesome,” said the kids.   

It was pretty darn tasty. 

There was a mess, and it took longer than expected.  But nobody complained, they were too busy eating.

Mom says she would buy it. 

“I think an A [grade.]   The kids are having a good time, and if the kids are having a good time, I’m ok with the mess,” said Tuggle.   

The Ice Cream Ball can be bought online or in stores.  Cost is 40 bucks.