When you're looking for a hotel to stay in, you may check to see whether the rooms have Wi-Fi. But more and more destinations are proudly offering offline stays and encouraging guests to escape from the outside world.

Take for example the Lake Placid Lodge in New York. Its Check In to Check Out package offers two nights in a television-free room with complimentary hiking, boating, yoga and fishing; a bestseller book; and an hour-long cooking class.

Talk about a stress-free getaway and at a reduced cost! The catch... or beauty... of it is you must check your electronic devices at the door. That includes your smart phone, laptop, tablets, etc.

Same with the Teton Lodge in Wyoming. You'll need to relinquish your digital items to use everything the Solitude Unplugged package offers - spa treatments, a privately guided hike, and a ready-to-bathe-in bubble bath.

Essentially, these hotels and others are paying you to leave your electronics at the door and thoroughly enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Now, how dedicated are you that you'd steer clear of the business office?