C-Section Debate: Vaginal Delivery or C-section for 2nd Baby?

Mariely Gutierrez is expecting her first child and her decision to elect a vaginal birth is an easy one for her to make.

"I would go to C-sectiononly,” Mariely said. “If my baby would be in danger or some last resort thing."

According to researchers at the Australian Research Center for the Health of Women and Babies--repeat C-sections are safer for women than having a vaginal birth for their second child.

Researchers studied more than 2,300 women and found that those who planned to have a vaginal birth the second time were 2.4% more likely to risk death or serious complications.

The repeat C-section complication rate was 0.9%.

Dr. Audrey Graham has been an OB-GYN for 25 years and doesn't agree with the study's findings.

"The American College of OB-GYN, just about a year and a half ago started to decrease the restrictions they had recommended on vaginal births after C-section because the success rate can be really good for women and we weren't giving them that opportunity," Dr. Graham said.

Dr. Graham added C- sections comprise more than 30% of births in the United States but now there is a movement to reduce elective inductions to try and wait for spontaneous labor.

"I think the trend is we're not seeing enough VBAC offered to women but we are seeing a good trend of maybe slowing down the incidents that got us to the first C-section," Dr. Graham said.

Dr. Graham added there are risks for vaginal births--including uterine rupture but the percentages are low and C-section births come with their own set of potential complications.

Australian researchers said the study will help women and doctors develop a health plan if the mom has had a previous C-section.

Mariely planned to make sure she doesn't limit her options if she has a second child.

"I would totally go for a natural childbirth and try as much as possible to have that," Mariely said. "It's my body, it’s my baby. That's how important it is to me."