Dallas Cowboy, Dez Bryant used his "hands" police say to rough up female relative
More trouble has found Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant, who is facing allegations of family violence. Bryant turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to police officials with the DeSoto Police department. The arrest stems from a Saturday incident at an apartment in the 800 block of E. Pleasant Run, police authorities said.

Police officials say they were called to the apartment by a female relative of Bryant's. They say she suffered bruises to her upper arm, where Bryant got rough with her using his hands. She has not been named.

Bryant's attorney, State Senator Royce West, who was at the footbal player's home Monday evening said he is not fully aware of the allegations against his client. But he says Bryant is saddened by the allegations because he's not sure how it will impact his career.

"Needless to say he is down right now. He has been training hard and looking forward to being a vital part of the Dallas Cowboys."

Bryant is charged with Class A misdemeanor, which carries a possible one year jail term and up to a $4,000 fine, if convicted.