Students at public colleges in Texas could soon be allowed to carry their handguns on campus and into buildings.  The guns on campus bill has passed the Texas Senate and is now on its way to the Texas House.  If approved, Governor Rick Perry would still have to sign it into law.

As finals week looms over the UT Dallas campus, so does a bill allowing those with a concealed handgun license to carry their weapons into buildings on campus.  Student Cali Huynh is very uncomfortable with that idea.

"I think I would be terrified, I mean the site of a weapon terrifies me.  For a student to have a weapon in class, I don't think that is a good idea at all," said Huynh.

Fellow student Nadia Dunkerton agrees.

"I think that it's not the best idea.  If the universities would like to take other precautions to take care of the student safety, that would be a better alternative than having concealed handguns on campus," Dunkerton told The 33 News.

At Brookhaven College, part of the Dallas Community College system, it was more of the same.

Tonychris Nnaka lobbied in Austin against guns on campus as part of the student government there.

"Now, without guns, I'm safe.  But once it gets in, I don't think, I'm going to leave Texas.  Because it's not going to be like college," said Nnaka.

His friend Joshua Virrueta doesn't like the idea either.

"To have all the students carrying guns, to be honest with you, I think it's crazy," he said.

But there are those who believe guns on campus would make colleges safer.

"How many people, if you know are carrying concealed handguns, are going to be doing something stupid.  I wouldn't personally," said Scott Thornton, who lives near the UTD campus.  "I'm sorry, I'm a firm believer they might be able to help and stop and deter a crime."

Thornton says everyone on campus wouldn't just automatically have a gun.  He has faith in the concealed handgun licensing process, which includes a state and federal background check.

"You've got a waiting period, you've got to be trained and licensed and everything, so these people are not just given a handgun to somebody and said, 'OK, here.  You carry it,'" he said.