Keller Police received a 911 call from Michelle Williams around 4:40 Thursday morning saying an intruder had attacked her and then shot and killed her husband, Gregory Williams.

Lt. Brenda Slovak said, "We called out Bedford's K-9 Unit to come out to search the area, to see if there was any indication that there was anybody in that backyard."

The search rattled the small gated community of Twin Lakes.

Christina Hotchkiss said, "It's sad, it's very sad. It's shocking to have it in your neighborhood."

After a few hours, police said the case took an unexpected turn.

"Because of the evidence that we were seeing inside there," Slovak said, "I informed some of the neighbors that it didn't appear, in our opinion, that there was an intruder.

Mrs. Williams was brought to Keller Police Headquarters for questioning. Around noon, police say her story had a dramatic change -- she began claiming her husband shot himself.

Slovak said, "She's claiming that it was a suicide and that she cleaned it up. That's what she's saying now. That's her number 6 story I guess, we stopped counting."

Police say Mrs. Williams tried to make her husband's death look like a homicide by removing evidence and even injuring herself to make it appear as though she'd been attacked.

"Right under her eye, she's got an injury," Slovak said. "She is telling us that she did that herself with a wrench."

According to police, Williams changed her story so the couple's 4-year-old daughter wouldn't know how her father died.

Hotchkiss said, "I think it would be more scary or influential to a younger person. With a suicide, at least you would know how to deal with it. If it's a stranger, it's totally another element of fear and uncertainty and trauma."

Keller Police said they're going to continue investigating the case as a homicide.

"There was three people in the house -- the husband, the wife and the 4-year-old. Anybody who is there when a death occurs is always a person of interest. I mean, she's the only person who was there, she knows what happened," Slovak said.