The Ugly side of Beauty Products

A jar of makeup is supposed to help women look more beautiful--but flip over the jar we looked at and what do you find?

White mold growing on the bottom of the inside of the jar—which was unopened.

Last winter Amber Cobb had a similar incident after opening a jar of moisturizer.

"It was actually green,” Amber recalled. “But it wasn't in it, it was in the lid."

She didn't notice it--until she'd used it a couple of times and had a reaction.

"I went to put on some moisturizer one morning,” Amber said. “I was looking for a heavier cream than I usually use, put the cream on and immediately my skin was getting hot and I started breaking out into hives."

She looked at the lid and noticed a fuzzy-green growth inside.

Dr. Christy Riddle is a dermatologist at Baylor-Plano--she said contaminated cosmetics aren’t a widespread issue now but it happens enough to cause problems.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates color additives in cosmetics but cosmetic companies are responsible for making sure their products are safe.

Contaminated products are easy to spot--after their applied.

“You could just see some acne like reactions; you could get something called cellulitis which is more of a broader, soft tissue infection of the skin, redness, warmth, pain," Dr. Riddle said.

Beautiful? Definitely not.

Nobody knows if the FDA will actually issue safety guidelines but Dr. Riddle said expiration dates are at best vague.

An image of an opened jar with a number, in this case 30, means its expiration date is 30 months after opening but the product inside had different number--12 months.

Dr. Riddle said most people don't even know the warning is there and suggests storing makeup and mascara away from humid bathrooms and throwing away mascara every three to six months and powders every year--just to be safe.

"You think this is wonderful, what a neat little gift and I can't really wait to use it,” Dr. Riddle explained. “Then it gets put away and you pull it out maybe six months to a year later and it's really not as fresh as you thought it was."

Amber bought new beauty products after her scare--after all, beauty and beauty products are only skin deep.

"I wasn't about to go through that again,” Amber said. “You don't know what you're putting on your skin."