Bad Date Rescue app helps you end miserable dates early

So you're on a date that's going absolutely nowhere. It's one of those I'd-rather-be-at-a-movie-alone type of situations. Most of us can relate, but only some of us are clever enough to get out of it. Now, all of us can rely on the Bad Date Rescue app by eHarmony. It lets you fake an incoming call so you can end a miserable date early.

It works in two ways: Before the night even begins, you can schedule a phone call to come at a certain time; or during the date, you can prompt it to ring in a short amount of time.

You choose who the call will come from and the scenario. It could be your mom calling to tell you that your sister is going into labor, or it could your boss demanding that you get to the office immediately. You know, plausible and urgent situations that require you to act fast!

The incoming call looks exactly like any other phone call, and a voice will even speak to you on the other end. If you don't know what to say, you can choose the 'repeat after me' script and simply repeat after the speaker.

Usually I don't approve lying. But if sitting alone in a movie theatre watching any movie that happens to be out, with couples all around you, sounds like a better option... I think it's justified.