The evening began with one final red carpet and movie premiere at Northpark Center.  Young starlets gaily stepped out inthe the limelight to promote their films.  Kayla Carlyle says of her movie From the Dark, "It was all shot in this cabin close to Grandbury in this remote house that was really scary, animal heads everywhere really got you into character.  And the intriguing movie Tyson, which chronicles the mind of the former heavy weight champ.  James Tomak says, "That everything he achieved was in response to the fear that eating away at the core of his being."


After the screenings, everyone poured out of the movie theaters and were ready to party.  As another successful year of AFI Dallas comes to a close, there's no better way to wrap up the festival than with one final bash, Victory style.  The former LFT Boutique was transformed into the event space.  Movie buffs got a chance to chat about films and stars that were spotted over the week, including Adrien Brody.  James Grayson says, "He basically walked right up to us and I told him I enjoyed the movie and shook his hand and stuff."  Kareem Gray says, "I just got out of Moon, with Sam Rockwell and that was by far my favorite movie of the festival."


And fashionistas squeezed through the crowds, showing off designer duds and shoes, and hats seemed to be a popular theme for the evening.  It was the perfect platform to express the creativity and energy of AFI.  Eric Madison says, As a Texan I'm exceptionally proud that AFI Dallas has been run so professionally, I've been to the shows for AFI Los Angeles, I've been to Sundance and I have to say this is the most professionally run festival."


After the packed week of movies and galas, many people reflected on the third annual festival and how far Dallas has come over the years.  Kareem says, "I look forward to it every year, it's an infusion of creativity, fun everything that you need for the art world in Dallas."  Cocktails flowed, music pumped and the mood was overall gleeful that here in Dallas, we can pull off such a star studded event full of rock star performances.  

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