With cameras rolling, and bulbs flashing, Dallas shined to welcome everyone from Hollywood A-listers to first time movie makers, as they graced the red carpet for AFI.
Aaron Marshall says, "This is huge, this is great, it's become a really huge festival in what, only three years."

They came for the face time to promote their newest films, many of the 'Indies' were shot in Texas, so screening her was a natural fit. Actress Arienne Martin says, "We've shot in Waco, Palo Pinto, pretty much every little town. It's a great place to shoot, there's so much texture in Texas. Justin Hilliard, a director, says, "There's so much in Texas as far as film making. And as far as film making, there's every location possible as well."

Before tonight, not many have heard of films like 'Zombie Girl', the Austin based documentary of a 12 year old girl who directed and edited a movie, using her home computer. Aaorn Marshall says, "We talk about that in the film, just how technology has gotten to a place where a 12 year old can make a full length movie and shoot it and edit it." But most are familiar with Oscar winning Adrien Brody and Robin Wright Penn. Brody came to show his film, the "Brother's Bloom". Brody says, "It's a story about con artist brothers who are on their final con, living a life of crime." But the star wasn't expecting this sort of response. He says, "When you go to a place and there's a nice turnout and outpouring of well wishes, it's really a nice surprise."

Penn, who's from Dallas originally, came in support of 'Haze', a documentary about hazing and binge drinking on college campuses. Penn says, "It's an identity crisis that kids are going through. And yes, we can help them to know who you are, but at the end of the day, it's guys we're going to teach you how to not have self neglect, and neglect for others."

For opening night of AFI Dallas, it's not just who graces the red carpet, but what they're wearing. Brody wore a slim fit Versace, his co star, Rinko was dashing in Yves St. Laurent, and Penn went casual in black jeans, starched collared shirt and understated blazer.

And while some went for the conservative red carpet look, others went for funky, bright outfits, like yellow kicks and ties. Some clean cut and others scruffy, but regardless of what they were wearing, they rocked it on the carpet... all smiles for their big debut.