From a distance, it looks like a bad paint job. But as you get closer, you realize there's something special about this car.

"Now I've erased that car four times, and started over four times," explained Mike Sutton, owner of the peculiar car.

It is covered with the names of the fallen soldiers from the Iraq war.

Sutton is the owner of Voyager's Dream in Denton. It is his car that is parked everyday on Hickory street for passers-by to see.

"It's a big reality check. We should pay attention to it, I mean it has people's ages on it, there's people our age," said Elise Calhoun, a Freshman at UNT.

It's like a moving memorial for the Americans who have died in the war.

"People come and try to locate their friends or family members who have died in the war, because it's one of the few areas that you can find any type of remembrance of them," said Sutton. "It is a moving memorial, it's been all over the United States."

Sutton says he doesn't care about his car.

"The outside of a car is just the outside of a car, it's not that important. But that, what I've done there, that's quite important," said Sutton.

He just hopes that someone's life will be touched.

"These are people, and the soldiers care about each other you know. But they also care that some people remember them," said Sutton.