On Monday, a regular customer complained to A & D Buffalo's in Haltom City that she didn't get the extra shrimp she requested. The woman was so irate she called 911.

The owner's attorney Alex Kim adds, "My clients have said if she had opened the shrimp on the spot and she wasn't happy with it they would have tried to make it right but the fact that she had left the building and they account for what happened to the food and part of it was eaten."

Instead, the woman called 911. "and I asked him did he give me extra shrimp or is he gonna give me my money back, and he started hollering so I just said I'm gonna call the police," she says in the 911 recording.

Some customers who were driving along say there's no such thing as bad publicity. Jason Ward says, "I was like that looks familiar, and I said to him wasn't that on the news the other night, and he said yeah and I said let's go there and eat."

Haltom City police won't be pursuing any charges. Corporal Cody Phillips says, "For someone to be in trouble for making a non-emergency call they also must remain silent, abusive and or obsene statements have got to be made to the 911 operator."

Kim says, "I can't believe the police aren't doing anything. I think 911 is there for emergencies, real emergencies."