Captured: Eneliko Atofau arrested

UPDATE: The Department of Corrections says Eneliko Atofau has been arrested.


---ORIGINAL CASE 10/19/12---


October is ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’, putting a spotlight on the fight against woman abuser's like high-violent offender, Eneliko Atofau.

He’s wanted by the Department of Corrections for Escape in Snohomish County - on its watch for one of the many domestic violence crimes he's been convicted of:  

Officers say many of them revolve around him wanting to see his kids, but turn into violent attacks on their mothers - two separate women who both have had 'no contact orders' slapped against him.   

In one case, he broke through a bedroom window to get in. In another, he forced his way through the front door. Ofc. Christina Lacy tells us about the terror that happened next. “As she tried to get away from him, he started choking her. She kept fighting to get away from him, she received several scratches to her face and arm. She then runs to the phone to call 911, but Eneliko yanks the cord out of the wall. He then begins assaulting her. She tried leaving the house to go to a neighbor to call 911, but he blocked her from leaving, forcing her to stay in the house. She eventually was able to get the phone plugged back into the wall, and was able to call 911.”

Officers say Atofau was a drinking problem that fuels his crimes.

Here are the details on ENELIKO ATOFAU:

  • Age: 40
  • Ht: 5’7”
  • Wt: 139 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown


  • Left wrist:  band 
  • Upper Left Arm: "Samoa"
  • Left Hand:  "Love", "TVTC"
  • Back:  "Samoa 100%"
  • Upper Right Arm:  Tribal, Band
  • Left Breast:  "Kelani"
  • Upper Left Arm:  "Samoa"
  • Left Shoulder:  "TVTC 1990"
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