OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - Education, health programs and human
services will share the pain of deep spending cuts under a new
state budget that cuts about $4 billion in state spending through
      The budget reflects the sour economy, which has torpedoed tax
collections. Lawmakers were working to bridge an expected $9
billion shortfall between revenue and expected spending through
      As promised, the budget does not count on general tax increases.
But more than half of the budget hole was filled with federal money
and other one-time fixes, such as raids on construction accounts
and skipped pension payments.
      House and Senate negotiators released details of their budget
plan Thursday night, with just three full days left in the
legislative session. They planned to begin debating the budget
      The cuts were spread throughout government, with as many as
8,000 government layoffs expected. But education appeared to be a
high priority with lawmakers, along with social service programs