First it was the controversial atheist sign that decorated the State Capitol.   Now dozens of groups want their signs and decorations up in the building.  It's causing more ruckus and headaches for Governor Christine Gregoire's office.

A local newspaper is now reporting that a Kansas-based church is asking the governor to approve another sign.  This time the sign will say, "Santa Claus will take you to Hell."

The Westboro Baptist Church could be placed near the Nativity scene.  Right now, there are three signs mocking atheism, the atheists' sign and the Nativity set.  All are decorated in the state Capitol's third-floor hallway.

The church has previously protested at funerals for gays and at military funerals.  As a result, the Washington Legislature passed a House Bill in 2007 making it a misdemeanor crime of disorderly conduct to disrupt a funeral or protest within 500 feet of a funeral.