Porn actor will not fight extradition in dismembering case


Luka Rocco Magnotta, the Canadian porn actor accused of killing and dismembering a man and mailing body parts to politicians, will not fight extradition following his arrest in Germany, a Berlin police official said Tuesday.

Magnotta told a Berlin magistrate that he will return voluntarily to face charges in the death of university student Jun Lin, Chief Supt. Stefan Redlich of the Berlin police said.

The 29-year-old did not make any comment regarding the accusations against him, Redlich said.

Magnotta faces first-degree murder and other charges in the killing last month of Lin, a 33-year-old Concordia University student from China.

Authorities accuse Magnotta of dismembering the student, mailing parts of his body to Canadian politicians and taunting authorities by posting a video of the grisly act on the Internet.

Berlin police arrested Magnotta on Monday at an Internet cafe where he was browsing articles about himself. The arrest ended an international manhunt that began when the body parts were found in the mail.

If Magnotta does not fight the request, he will be back in Montreal quickly to face the charges, a legal expert said. Otherwise, it could take months.

"If he wanted to delay the proceedings, it could take as much as a year or more," Daniel Brown, a Toronto defense attorney, told CNN affiliate CBC.

But he said that costs money: "You have to have the resources to be able to sustain those types of appeals and things of that nature. I'm not sure Mr. Magnotta does."

The manhunt began last week when a package containing a severed foot addressed to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived at his majority Conservative Party headquarters. A hand was later found at a post office addressed to the minority Liberal Party, authorities said.

Authorities quickly traced the address on the packages to Magnotta's Montreal apartment, where they searched a trash bin and discovered Lin's torso in a suitcase.

Lin's death and dismemberment were allegedly captured on a graphic video posted to the Internet, according to Montreal police. It features a man -- whom authorities believe is Magnotta -- killing another man, dismembering the corpse and performing sexual acts. Many of Lin's body parts are still missing, according to authorities.

Authorities say they believe Magnotta killed Lin on May 24 or May 25, posted the video, then took a flight to France on May 26.

He boarded a bus to Berlin on June 1, while police were searching for him in Paris, the Berlin state prosecutor's office said Tuesday.

In the end, it was the keen eye of an employee at the Internet cafe in Berlin that helped police nab Magnotta.

The employee, Kadir Anlayisli, said he recognized the slight man who walked into the nondescript Helin Spatkauf Internet Cafe on Monday, but he couldn't quite figure out why he did.

But as Magnotta surfed the Web, poring over news accounts of the case in which he himself was the suspect, the realization dawned on Anlayisli.

"I looked in the papers and said, 'That's him who they're looking for, the porno killer,' " Anlayisli told reporters.

He flagged down a carload of German police trainees.

Magnotta initially denied his identity, police said. Then he gave up without a fight, stating simply, "OK, you got me."

Magnotta describes himself as 'a people person'

Magnotta, a gay porn actor, stripper and escort, was well known to animal rights activists online, who accused him of killing kittens and using the carcasses in sexual acts.

Several Canadian newspapers also reported that Magnotta had dated notorious Canadian killer Karla Homolka, who years before was arrested for the rapes and murders of three Ontario girls, including her own sister. As part of a plea bargain, Homolka served 12 years in prison.

Montreal Police Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said he could not confirm any links and said Homolka is not part of the investigation.

Investigators will now begin look to see if Magnotta is linked to other crimes as they continue their investigation into Lin's death and work toward Magnotta's extradition, Lafreniere said Monday.

"This is far from being over," he said.