Reid urges cooperation as Democrats expand Senate control

Massachusetts: Sen. Scott Brown (R) vs. Elizabeth Warren (D)

UPDATE: Elizabeth Warren projected to win Massachusetts senate seat.

Massachusetts is perhaps the one race that has lived up to all its hype and more. As Republican Sen. Scott Brown competes for a full term against Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, the race for the state's few remaining undecided voters has taken a sharp tone. Brown launched harsh attacks questioning Warren's claims of Native-American heritage while also highlighting his own bipartisanship in the Senate.

Warren continues to attack Brown for protecting millionaires and for vowing to repeal Obamacare while highlighting her advocacy for the middle class and women's issues. Democrats hope the president's popularity and expected wide margin of victory in Romney's home state will counter Brown's popularity to make Warren the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate.

Michigan: Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) vs. Former Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R)

UPDATE: Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) is predicted to win.

Though Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow appeared vulnerable at the beginning of the year in her bid for a third term, her fundraising and poll numbers quickly rose while Republicans searched for a candidate.

Winning a four-way primary was former Rep. Pete Hoekstra, who lost a 2010 primary bid for governor. President Barack Obama's popularity, in part due to the auto bailout along with the declining unemployment rate (above the national average, but down about 2 points from January 2009) gives Democrats reason to breathe easier in the Wolverine State.

Minnesota: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) vs. Kurt Bills (R)

UPDATE: Sen. Amy Klobuchar is expected retained her seat.

Democrat Amy Klobuchar is expected to sail to a second term in November. She faces Republican state representative Kurt Bills.

Mississippi: Sen. Roger Wicker (R) vs. Albert N. Gore, Jr. (D)

UPDATE: Sen. Roger Wicker (R) defeats Gore.

Republican Roger Wicker should easily win his bid for a full term. He was appointed in 2007 and won a special election in 2008 to finish out the remainder of Trent Lott's term. He faces Democrat Albert N. Gore Jr., who is not a former vice president -- he's an octogenarian retired minister and ex-Green Beret.

Missouri: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) vs. Rep. Todd Akin (R)

UPDATE: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) defeats Rep. Todd Akin (R).

Plagued by scandals and a conservative electorate, Democrat Claire McCaskill seemed likely to become a one-term senator. That was until her opponent, six-term Republican Rep. Todd Akin, said in a local news interview that women have biological ways to avoid pregnancy after a "legitimate rape."

With a second wind to her campaign, McCaskill pounced as her poll numbers rose and Akin's dropped. Akin refused to drop out of the race despite requests from the GOP establishment. Some conservatives, including Jim DeMint, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, rallied behind him. Other Republicans kept their distance, though some have come back around out of strong desire to unseat McCaskill.

With a lead over Akin, McCaskill sought to solidify her candidacy for a second term by running ads with female Republican rape survivors planning to vote for her because of Akin's comments. Missouri is still a competitive state for any Democrat, but unless local Republicans come back to Akin in droves, McCaskill appears headed to win a second term.

Montana: Sen. Jon Tester (D) vs. Rep. Dennis Rehberg (R)