The family of a murdered Lynnwood man needs answers now more than ever.

Chris Porter was shot to death inside his home four years ago. Investigators say they have nearly 100 pieces of evidence in the case, but they need you to provide the missing link to one vital clue.

Washington's Most Wanted's Parella Lewis took on this unsolved murder.

Det. Patrick Vanderweyst with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office took her to the scene, and laid out the details of the case. "Chris Porter's body was discovered inside of his house. He had been murdered."

Porter, 43 was shot to death inside his Lynnwood home on December 14, 2005. "That morning the grass was frozen, so what we found there were two sets of foot prints that went from the front porch to the grass to the landscape area." Police think those two sets of footprints belong to Chris' killers.

Chris was a father of four, but was home alone at the time murder. One of his daughters was over visiting him, but she left at 11 that night.

Chris didn't show up for work the next day, his parents, who live next door got a call. His mother, Barbara, remembers that dark day. "So, I sent my husband next door to see why he wasn't at work and he found him."

The garage door was open which was unusual, and the front door was open because it had been kicked-in.

Authorities say a neighbor out walking his dog that night saw something unusual. "The previous evening, he was out walking his dog around 11:30. While he was doing so, he saw two subjects standing right by the mailbox here in front of Chris' house . They looked to him to be late teens early 20's. He didn't recognize them. It was dark so he couldn't see their faces, but they had hooded sweat shirts on."

That puts the timeline of Chris' death sometime between 11 that night and 8 the next morning. "What we believe was possibly a motive for these suspects was an attempt at a home invasion robbery which was botched. Obviously something happened here at the front door, then they fled."

A small, plastic two-way radio was left at the crime scene. Police are hoping this is one more clue that may help solve this case. "We think this is a group of people that may have been doing home invasion robberies at the time and were utilizing these radios as a way to communicate with each other."

Police are asking anyone with information about home invasion crimes at the time to call.

Chris' mom is holding out hope that even a little information will help. "We all miss him a lot, and there's not a day... or an hour... or a month that goes by that I don't think about him. He's always in my thoughts."

Again, investigators think a group of robbers behind a rash of nearby home invasions at the time could be the one's who killed Chris.

He lived on 146th St. in Lynnwood.

If you have any information about the murder of Chris Porter, or the rash of home invasions, call: Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-TIPS